AEG Warming DrawerA warming drawer is a small appliance tasked with the simple job of… keeping items warm! Even though a warming drawer is a staple in some homes, the added value and benefits of a warming drawer tends to get overlooked when renovating or simply upgrading a kitchen.

Savvy dinner party hosts or hostesses know that coordinating every course of the meal to come out of the oven just in time, plate the meal, and serve your guests all while keeping your meal warm is an accomplishment in itself. The addition of a warming drawer gives you the flexibility of warming your plates for a wonderfully pleasant experience of keeping your food warm during the entire meal, or keeping completed dishes warm without drying them out.

With a temperature range of usually 30 – 80˚C (80 -175˚F), just shy of the average slow cooker starting at 88˚C (190˚F), the heated area is perfect for proofing bread or even defrosting just about anything. This can be a great energy saving alternative over keeping items warm in your microwave or oven.

A warming drawer outside the kitchen can have fantastic applications as well. With no exposed elements inside the warming drawer, it’s safe for warming towels or robes for those chilly nights in the hot tub or if you just love a warm towel out of the shower.

Ranging from 24” (60cm) to 36” (90 cm), and with the ability to install underneath a wall oven, a warming drawer can easily be incorporated into most kitchen designs. You can also choose from stainless steel models with a handle or touch to open front, or go for a fully integrated look with a custom panel finish model. So next time you’re planning on some new appliances, consider the benefits of adding a warming drawer to your selection.