Urban Cultivator 

 Urban Cultivator Residential

The Urban Cultivator Residential is an all-in-one indoor home garden. You get 365 days of perfect growing conditions for all of your favorite herbs, microgreens, and vegetables. No more soggy supermarket greens going bad in your fridge... just fresh crisp produce from your very own garden.

For a design that fits, the Urban Cultivator Residential can be built-in and plumbed directly into a city water connection for worry free watering, and eliminating the need to manually refill or water your indoor garden. 

Dimensionally the Urban Cultivator Residential will fit into a 24" space under counter, the same dimensions as a standard sized dishwasher!

Urban Cultivator Residential 

 Fresh Greens For Your Family

Fresh greens cut right from your Urban Cultivator Residential carry twice the nutritional value of store bought greens. Plus, you know there are no chemicals or pesticides in your food.

Grow Year Round & Hassle Free

With the Urban Cultivator Residential's four grow flats you can feed your whole family fresh crisp herbs straight from your kitchen every single day. It truly is the "Zero Mile Diet."


 See The Urban Cultivator Demo

Watch the Urban Cultivator Residential work and the options available in our product tour video to the left.

Choose from a stand alone Urban Cultivator Residential on wheels or a built in "dishwasher-style" option that fits seamlessly into your existing kitchen.

Why Local Food Matters

Up to 20% of North America's energy bill comes from food transportation. With Urban Cultivator's environmentally conscious grow products you can help reduce energy costs. Plus, your new Cultivator will look great in your kitchen!

Not only are indoor gardens good for your herbs or plants, but for those wanting to get an early start on their outdoor garden, the Urban Cultivator is fantastic for starting those seeds and geting them ready to plant as soon planting season starts. That means getting the most out of your indoor and outdoor gardens!

A style and look for any kitchen

Urban Cultivator offers multiple butcher block and door options for your Urban Cultivator Residential. Grow exceptionally fresh greens and herbs in a stylish Urban Cultivator Residential that feels at home anywhere.

Custom door logos are available for businesses looking to brand their Urban Cultivator Residential.




 Urban Cultivator Commercial

The Urban Cultivator Commercial gives you the ability to provide the freshest herbs and greens possible for your customers. Designed to accept the flats of herbs you already receive from your supplier, keeping your herbs and greens growing until the minute they are needed.


Greens for a Fraction of the Cost

With Urban Cultivator driving your herbs and greens needs you can be sure that you will be making a difference and saving a buck in the process. The Urban Cultivator Commercial can cut herb and micro-green costs in your restaurant by up to 90%, paying for itself in just months!


Use One Flat Multiple Times

Some herbs and greens give you multiple harvests, providing you optimal freshness and saving you money. For the more involved and discerning chefs, start a few flats of your own hand picked, hard to source herbs and greens. From growing to plate in mere minutes.


Urban Cultivator Commercial 

See The Urban Cultivator Demo

Watch the Urban Cultivator Commercial work and the options available in our product tour video to the left.

With the ability to connect your Urban Cultivator Commercial to your city water supply you never have to worry about watering or lighting your plants.

Accepted by Discerning Chefs

High end chefs have already accepted the local movement and turned to Urban Cultivator to help them provide the freshest and best tasting experience for their customers.

Whether they are lowering their food costs or growing hard to find herbs and greens that otherwise would not be on the menu, Urban Cultivator provides a winning combination of value and high end results.

How to grow greens in your Urban Cultivator

Click on the links below to read about specific herbs and growing techniques and requirements for all of your favourite herbs. The Links below will take you to Urban Cultivators Official website.


The Urban Cultivator has been nationally recognized and used by:


If you have any questions or would like some more information on either the Urban Cultivator Residential or Commercial units, don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-543-2437. For even more tips and advice visit www.urbancultivator.net